Thomas B. Locke & Associates, LLC.

About Us

The events of the recent past have changed our lives forever. Each day brings new challenges, and ill-advised decisions can have catastrophic consequences. Thomas B. Locke & Associates, LLC, is committed to providing to business executives and individuals the kind of intelligence imperative to making the right choices when faced with seemingly unsolvable problems.

Whether it is security-related or just a need to know, we can meet your needs by providing accurate, timely, and up-to-date information. We recommend strategic, practical, and integrated solutions to today's complex problems in comprehensive, detailed, and expertly organized written reports.

The Locke team is a worldwide network of former FBI Agents, law enforcement professionals, and key information specialists.

Thomas B. Locke & Associates, LLC, is a full service company which can benefit you by:

  • Providing comprehensive risk assessments of your properties and personnel;
  • Providing oversight to implementation of our recommendations;
  • Conducting appropriate discreet investigations;
  • Monitoring compliance with court-ordered mandates, Government standards, and sound business practices;
  • Conducting effectiveness and efficiency audits.

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