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Employee Background

Do you really know the person you are about to hire? Thirty-four percent (34%) of resumes and seventy-three percent (73%) of job applications contain misstatements or lies. Substance abuse costs companies over $200 billion annually due to increased on-the-job accidents, absenteeism, decreased productivity, and employee turnover. Don't take a chance. Minimize your risk. Let Thomas B. Locke & Associates, LLC conduct the background investigation and be part of your professional screening process. Let us help you avoid negligent hiring practices and be the first line of defense against internal theft and workplace violence.

Fraud, Embezzlement, and Internal Theft

It is estimated that fraud costs U.S. businesses $400 billion each year. The forensic accountants and former law enforcement personnel of Thomas B. Locke & Associates, LLC have extensive experience in detecting and investigating both internal and external fraud.

Due Diligence

Due diligence means doing what is necessary under the circumstances. Today's financial transactions are inherently more risky than ever before. Some transactions need to be investigated to verify business relationships or financial data. The investigation may be confined to a check of public records, or it may demand interviews and the access of confidential sources. Whatever is required, let Thomas B. Locke & Associates, LLC help you determine if the deal should go through, stall, or be reformulated.

Workplace Violence

Workplace violence is violence or the threat of violence against workers. Unfortunately, murder has become the second leading cause of death at work and the leading cause of death at work for women. Despite the renewed sense of security awareness brought about by the response to the terrorist attacks of September 11th, fatal attacks in the workplace have continued at a steady rate. Let Thomas B. Locke & Associates, LLC help you develop a proactive strategy for dealing with workplace violence. If you already have a problem, let us assist you with on-the-scene direction in a termination meeting and post-termination monitoring.

Litigation Support

Lawsuits cannot always be avoided. Whether the suit is complex or a small claim, the advantage goes to the side that is best prepared and has all of the facts at hand. Let Thomas B. Locke & Associates, LLC identify the issues, locate and interview the witnesses, trace the assets, and vet the experts. We can give you a clear advantage and help you build a defendable case.

Sexual Harrassment and Americans with Disabilities Act Discrimination

Complaints in these areas have skyrocketed in recent years. Whether the complaints have substance or are unfounded, massive financial losses can result. Let the expert interviewers of Thomas B. Locke & Associates, LLC who have solid backgrounds in civil rights investigations assist your corporate attorneys in determining the facts and helping to resolve disputes before they become a costly business embarrassment.

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