Thomas B. Locke & Associates, LLC.


Risk Assessments

Thomas B. Locke & Associates, LLC, can provide on-site analysis to assess a company's vulnerabilities. The most effective way to prevent disastrous business disruptions is to accurately identify the full range of potential risks and then design an integrated program to prevent and control their occurrence. This may include any combination of responsive procedures - employee awareness and screening programs, information control, access control and intrusion detection systems, closed circuit television, and effectiveness of security personnel. Upon completion, consultation is provided to discuss countermeasure recommendations and company strategies for upgrading the business' security program. We will offer recommendations involving best practices without exhausting valuable corporate resources.


Thomas B. Locke & Associates, LLC, offers personalized service to the client with particular attention to detail. We offer quality results with reasonable fees. We will continue to work with you to ensure the implementation of our recommendations and your complete satisfaction.


Thomas B. Locke & Associates, LLC, can conduct the full range of expert investigations -

All investigations are conducted on a timely basis with the utmost discretion.

Monitoring Compliance

Perhaps your company has been subjected to court action or new compliance regulations. Perhaps you want to ensure that business practices are in line with legal and ethical standards. The professionals at Thomas B. Locke & Associates, LLC, will work with your senior management to ensure the integrity of your operations and that future litigation is avoided.

Effectiveness And Efficiency Audits

Thomas B. Locke & Associates, LLC, will conduct on-site inspections of your operational, financial, and administrative programs to ensure their economic value and effective compliance with your company's objectives, governing laws, rules, regulations, and policies. These inspections, which are tailored specifically to your company, also ensure that your personnel are conducting your organization's activities in a proper and professional manner.

Other Services Include:

  • Anonymous letter analysis
  • Asset identification
  • Electronic Surveillance Detection
  • Polygraph Examinations
  • Psychological Profiling
  • Surveillance
  • Undercover Investigations
  • Firearms Training
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